About Us

MIPA — Metal industry and production apparatus.

Our company was established in 2023. MI-PA, which started operating as an official distributor on the basis of a contract with the Chinese TEDERIC company, became the first company to sell and service injection devices in Azerbaijan. In addition, mold production has started in the newly established factories. As a result of the correct decisions of the management and the flawless performance of the staff, our company started cooperation with manufacturers in several friendly countries adjacent to Azerbaijan in a short period of time.

The team, which has the ability to fully adapt to modern market rules, is achieving success and has laid the foundation of a new production area in Azerbaijan.

We live in Azerbaijan and for Azerbaijan, we work for its progress and development. Our main mission is to provide everyone with new, high quality and necessary products. In the implementation of our mission, we are guided by the following principles:

To establish a reliable company reputation that adheres to its obligations to customers, partners and employees;

To develop new ways of solving problems by improving existing technologies;

To develop together with our employees by increasing their professionalism;

Expanding the company’s areas of activity in accordance with the needs of our customers and the creative potential of our employees.


To strengthen the leadership position recognized and accepted by our customers in all areas where we operate;

To be a reliable partner, to maintain transparency and fair competition in business;

To contribute to the economic development of Azerbaijan with our successful activities, to provide our people with quality and tasty products by effectively using global resources.

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